ABOUT US - Who are we?

Our Association was established on April 3, 2011 for the aim to contribute to a resolution of the problem of homeless animals in Ankara province. The basic operational aims of the members of a dynamic team working for the welfare of homeless animals are as follows:

* To advocate the rights enacted as per the Protection of Animals Code no. 5199 for all animals, and to take legal actions for competitive authorities in case of violation of these rights;

* To provide neutering of homeless cats and canines surviving in streets, and thus to prevent increase of such population;

* To provide adoption of homeless or unwanted animals;

* To provide treatment of sick and wounded animals and of the ones needed care or waiting immediate aid;

As it is aforementioned, the rights of animals in our country are prescribed by the Code no. 5199. It may be possible to summarize the purposes of structure of our Association by quoting from the first clause of the Code:

“For all animals to provide welfare living, good and proper treatment, best sanctuaries and shelters against any pain, misery, suffering, and prevention of victimhood.”

For the purposes of preventing all kinds of victimhood of animals ARA departed in cooperation with municipalities and other relevant establishments, and within the scope of laws and legislations.

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