ABOUT US - Our Team

ARA was established by Ms Zekiye Taş Köklü and Mr Fahir Köklü who have been undertaking helping homeless animals as a duty for more than 20 years.

Ms Köklü who is a public employee works as a Chairwoman of the Association, and Mr Köklü who is an owner of firm, ‘Mavi Ev’ (Blue House) set out for the purposes of providing of cheaper pet food for the street animals, works as a Vice Chairman.

In line with academicians, artists, and those who are other careerists within the structure of a team of the Association, three veterinary surgeons are included. Our veterinary surgeon members can intervene immediately in case of emergencies through reaching to the scenes of accident. In case of traffic accidents and similar cases veterinary services of municipalities fail to satisfy. There is only one municipality for the services out of working hours for homeless animals. No technical equipment for such as fracture operations could be realized are available in municipal veterinary units where basic services such as neutering and vaccination are given mostly.

Our people apply to the nearest municipality for getting help usually in case if they come across a homeless animal which had an accident at streets. The municipalities having no possibilities of giving a response for such aid are obliged to give negative responses to such applications. To apply to a private veterinary clinic in the cases where municipal services are failed to satisfy means to overspend for most people.

The Animal Rescue Association (ARA) is organized in such a manner that it can implement a treatment process of an animal in question from the beginning to the end through becoming a part of the activity particularly in such situations. ARA having possibility of giving responses rapidly and most efficiently to the calls for help by means of an access number of which can be communicated in any time of a day reaches to our friends waiting for immediate aid from all subprefectures of Ankara owing to both self devotion works of its members and by means of mass follower in social networking sites, and realizes treatments.

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