ADOPTION - Conditions and the Form of Adoption

Conditions of adoption are as follows:

  • No adoption shall be made for the ones under 25 years old.
  • Adoption shall be realized following filling in and signing of the Adoption Form by the adopter.
  • All conditions in the Adoption Form shall be deemed to have been accepted by the adopter.
  • Adopter has to come and take delivery of the animal to be adopted. No dispatch or other means shall be made or used.
  • Adoption shall be realized without any charge or fee.

Please download and print the Adoption Form below, and leave it in ARA as filled in and signed while you are taking delivery of the animal in case of you are responded positively following your visit the animal that you want to adopt and interview with the competent person.

Your application for adoption may be rejected if it is considered inconvenient.

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